It was another beautiful morning here. Add John Denver’s wonderful meaningful and inspiring songs and lyrics to the mix, as I drove down to Salen, while across the loch Benmore and its adjoining mountains again looked just like the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, What more can anyone ask for? Ideally of course you can sing along yourself, which adds to the spectacle and romance of it all.

Hopefully  more than myself may have seen my favourite bird on, the way back up Loch na keal,  as a male Merlin was perched on a big boulder and kept rock hopping alongside me as it flew and landed, flew and landed. Like its wonderful name the Merlin to me is magical, being very small, colourful, very fast and rare of course.

The Sea eagles were up on our hill an hour ago taking in the sun while we had it.


Now at 3.30  its turned misty again, though there is little wind today.


I have a tour Sunday for 5 people who all sound keen and the weather forecast sounds good. So fingers crossed.