It was very dark an hour ago but now from my office it looks like another Turner painting with his casual, but so effective brush strokes of puffy white clouds sprinkled with grey and blue.

It is flat calm from here and I can see the white sand beaches of Iona miles cross the sea without a boat in sight.

The huge cliffs of Gribun across Loch na Keal, again look mighty and daunting but becoming less so as the sun is coming out, with seemingly no wind at all as yet.

However Benmore towers over the entire magical scene and is lightly capped with either snow, or hailstones !! Probably the latter.

Above the mountains now there is a tight line of grey clouds topped with a thinner line of what looks like pure gold. But it  is Saturday and Mother Nature may be just setting herself up to look glamourous again.

Tomorrow I have my Wildlife Tour and my customers are going to be suitably impressed with the islands Autumnal look, but not quite a winter look as yet . But the whole scene is getting bluer and sunnier by the minute.