Todays trip

Well I had two choices today with my very nice customers from France and England.

But I chose right I think and so north onto Loch na keal first, where we immediately had an adult White Tailed Sea Eagle above us working on what to eat, as it circled the panicking gulls and geese.

Well happily it missed breakfast, as the Goosander dived underwater as the EagleĀ  spiralled out of the sky with legs outstretched and tried to get it but failed.

We had a number of Sea Eagles today, great northern divers, male hen harrier, lots of Barnacle Geese which looked like they have had a very good year in Greenland this summer. but now they are back to winter on Mull and the warmer waters of our gulf stream.


Plenty of red deer today and lots of smaller birds …which reminds me, what was that pipit like bird with lots of yellow on it. I have not seen such a bird before here and must check my bird books.


Our weather was good today with a sea that interchanged between pink and blue waves.

A lovely day then for man and beast.