More super colourful days

Right now it is 4.15 and with more colours than you can think of out over the se and Iona again. Lemon yellow with thick grey clouds and brilliant red and orange streaks of colour above. Loch na Keal is flat calm again with golden streaks of sea sweeping off the end of the Island of Ulva just offshore from here.

Maybe I will one day get back to being the illustrator and graphic designer that I was in my other life because it seems to be wasting such beauty if I am not capturing these exotic times here.

Yesterdays trip was another very satisfying day for me and my customers, who usually have something specific that they want me to find. So there we were looking up at the treetops when the male White Tailed Sea Eagle swept in and balanced on a branch. Within 20 minutes his mate was on her way and landed at his feet with a lot of yelping from them both. Probably happiness at seeing each other again I guess. Through the day we had more sea eagles, lots of Slavonian Grebes, golden plovers, red deer and fallow deer  and top but top views of the golden eagles from Glenmore as two flew over our heads and high. Then  a big female came from behind us pretty low, she turned around above the cliff top dropped her talons and glided down the face of the cliff to land on a ledge and as it was getting darker now it was getting  difficult to pick her up against the bckdrop of darkish cliffs but only about 50m away. The otter was also in demand on yesterdays tour but again we had one just before Gribbun Cliffs with good views and another on Loch Scridain doing their impersonation of being a wavelet which is pretty convincing if you don’t know the otter very well.