Lemon Sky

Here we go then at 4.30 in the afternoon and a most wonderful lemon sky filling the distant horizon from my office.

There are a few twigs and winter plants in front of the scene which makes it all look very tropical.

There are the now inevitable charcoal clouds below the yellow and my guess is that this scene goes all the way beyond Ulva , Tiree and the Island of Coll, where the sun will be setting soon in a ball of gold.

It has stayed calm and not really cold at all today and on my way down Loch Na Keal there was one of the Sea Eagles sitting with the shags and sealsĀ  waiting again for an otter to catch something big and worth fighting over as usual.

The wild holiday experience is very underrated here in these magical Islands but the French are coming north it seems and clearly rate it, as my own wildlife trips have shown.

The Europeans are a delight to take out and are always very praising of their experiences here.

Vive la France I say then.