Different again

If anyone read my morning posting they will rmember that it was amazing here particularly the scenes around our mountainous areas.


However about lunchtime the multi colours had gone, replaced by a pervading white mist particularly over the sea which I guess was something to do with it being a lot milder then.

It has all changed again now with the mist ebbing and a ball of a sun shining through it high above the house and I can now see Iona and southern Mull pretty easily with its backdrop of sunshine.

On my way down Loch na keal to Salen I saw one otter and a couple of sea eagles sitting on their islets.

This has become very trendy it seems for sea eagles to do !! A bit like beards have become trendy on the mainlandĀ  !!! along with long blonde hair !!

Iona has disappeared again I the last 5 minutes, so maybe tonight we aren’t going to get that sunset and full moon like last night.

As you can tell from the above and all of my postings you can never be bored here because it is always changing, and determined that we live a colourful life.