Inspiring day

It is now 3.30 in the afternoon and it has been a wonderful day since early morning.


There is still no wind at all but the the slightest ripple of golden sea between my office and Iona.

There is another charcoal like sky miles out and below that golden clouds peeking through the slightly lighter charcoal.

Even in winter we have the most magical colours adorning sky, mountains and sea.

It’s fascinating really that we don’t have more artists living here but then I am still an artist I suppose ? But my wildlife tours and wild friends consume any spare time I might have to get back to drawing and painting. One day I will !!


Slices of Orange are now poking out of the creamy grey clouds and there is no doubt about another sunset coming up this evening and tomorrow sounds just the same, probably with a full moon like last night and amazing sunrise in the morning.

I often ask my wildlife customers when talking about that word we humans invented and that is ‘intelligence’. In short, which is more intelligent to live on an Island which looks like somewhere in the South Pacific at times, or to live in any major city on Britain’s mainlandĀ  ?