Eagle Island

Venturing out each day seems to be a nod to the White Tailed Sea Eagles lately, as they arrive overhead and seem to enjoy escorting me down The National Scenic Area and Loch na Keal toward Salen, often to then alight on the big shingle expanse at Killiechronan.

In other words it seems they are human watching as we would go bird watching.


It feels odd and mysterious.


As the view is from here now at 18 minutes past 3 and with what looks like an Alien Craft dropping gently onto The South of Mull. Somewhat like Close Encounters of the Third kind, if you remember the movie !!

The back drop is pale blue with 3 separate tiers of gold looking like a very posh and huge new cark park  !!

Off to the right I see more golden sky appearing through the same blueness of sky.

What does it look and feel like if you are on The South of Mull itself right now I wonder.

Anyway I have just just come into the house with  an immature sea eagle coming over us from The Island of Ulva.