what a day

It is just coming to 1pm but what a wonderful day it has been here on the West Coast of Mull.

The only drawback is that a BT engineer was supposed to be here by now to fix some things regarding our landline and lots of static !

The light from my office is so wonderful, with a soft white glow out over the sea all the way  to Iona and the engineer !! Again the sea is flat as a pancake and the mountains across Loch na keal have their own soft grey light and each is topped by brilliant white  sunshine. Looking out to Iona and the South of Mull again it reminds me greatly of scenes in the tropics and if Inch Kenneth had a few palms on there it would look even more like some tropical paradise. The only difference is that their sea will be warm. We have this massive expanse of blue sky streaked with white clouds and I am now reminded about the starry starry night that we all had last night.