Lucy, Sonny, Charlie and Rufus

Yesterday I returned after visiting the grandchildren and their mum in Glasgow, thanks to the generosity of Timmy and David who gave me a lift and came along with  me and I know we each had a super time with Lucy and the children, who are getting more and more interesting particular little Rufus who’s speech and word choices seem to be getting more and more posh  !!


As usual back on Mull the weather had been pretty good, unlike the rest of the Uk and after picking my minibus up at the ferry point which had spent the night there I had the most spectacular run home up Loch na Keal .


What a welcome it was as I left Salen and could see this brilliant Orange and Pink sky coming this way from the far west.

It looked like hundreds of giant fluorescent peaches adorning the whole horizon.

getting closer I found myself repeating WOW and WOW a few time more, as I climbed to the high point looking out over Ulva and the world beyond.

I really don’t know how Mother Nature can repeatedly conjure up such wonderful visual effects each day, as she does here in these most romantic of Island places.

Thankyou Timmy and David for the adventure  XX