Very Beautiful

It has been a period of pure beauty on Mull and very Arctic in its look..

Wildlife bookings for this time of year are never that good and if the rest of the UK get poor weather’ potential visitors think, well it must be even worse on the Scottish Islands !!  NOT TRUE of course and today for instance the sea is flat as a pancake, the sky is clear and the colours of the sea and landscape are again wonderful.

Finding Hen Harriers at this time of year when most are now in Europe  is tough BUT !! There was a female with a brilliant white male dancing like a fairy among the grassland south of Craignure.

Otters are not tough to find on such calm days and  the White Tailed Sea Eagles are regularly on their usual patches.

However a tragic sighting yesterday was of a stranded Long Finned Pilot Whale, desperately trying to right itself on the shoreline of Calgary Bay. It was a terrible thing to see as it fought to get to deeper water but failed every time. Where were the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust  and the much needed slings to lift it to safety ?The poor creature needed more than a couple of people to help it escape to deep water again.

Calgary looked a big and lonely place as we watched this huge beautiful creature a few feet away from us and fighting for its life, but without the right gear we simply watched it dying.

Mull needs National Park Status, rangers on the ground and a management team a hundred times better than our none proactive Community Council.