Who would want to to be a weather forecaster ?

Today is just like the Mediterranean, with clear blue sky, not a drop of wind and all day sunshine, after yesterday evenings crystal clear moon.

Problem was that yesterdays overall weather here, was like the high Arctic and we had the rare occasion of there being no ferry sailings to or from Mull all day because of ferocious winds whipping the sea into a frenzy !!

Irony is that the sheer variety of mother natures endlessly changing natural wonders makes the Hebridean Islands so endlessly entertaining !

By the way I forgot to record an otter near knock on Loch na Keal the other day as it trotted past me within a couple of feet before diving into the sea 25m to the left.

Same day whilst looking for oysters and shellfish I picked up a massive specimen of an oyster which I have just eaten along with some lemon juice !!

The WhiteTailed Sea Eagles are now becoming daily regulars on Loch na Keal but you might still need your binoculars and ideally a telescope also.