Had it all

Well we have had it all today. It began pretty good again and I got my card machine sorted by our Island expert James Westland, which means I will soon be in action with people booking Wildlife Expeditions again.

Then around lunchtime we had a couple of big hailstone showers and now  we could be stuck in here as snow in large quantities is pouring from the sea and over the landscape and the house.

I can see a big sun above The Island of Ulva  which is getting bigger and bigger and looks like it is shaping up to do battle  with the snow any minute.


It all looks like a Christmas scene from every direction and maybe more so because I still have our big tree up and feeling reluctant to take down now. But I must of course.


I see that the massive low sun is winning the battle and the snow is currently easing and melting.


The people of the past that inhabited this magical place must have been so daunted and both afraid and in wonder at the scenes that they daily lived with here. Its 4.45 and Mull is at peace again with itself and every colour of the rainbow is out from the open door of my office.