A Corker

Here we are with another corker of a day on Mull and still February and I can now understand why Fridays trip was so successful,  particularly  regarding Hen Harriers and eagles because this is still very early in the season and so they have been tempted north from places like Spain and The Cota Do Nana National Park where I have seen Mull birds at Christmas even.

However the plus is that intense sun all day, or easterly and cold winds, are the two least successful days to be on a wildlife day out, as such conditions usually mean that Eagles and Harriers etc. tend to sit tight. No one has ever given me a good reason for this except that it is for certain in my mind that such sunny weather creates lots of shade and that means that their prey can hide more easily.

So on my next trip which is March the 3rd I rather hope for the best weather, which is sunshine and showers. Dilemma of course is that humans love endless sun !!!!