Glorious weather and colours.

Seems we have been very lucky out here in these magical Scottish Islands, with no snow to record. However its not unusual as snow generally comes on easterly winds in Britain and as we are so far west you can understand why we are called lucky !!

Any way I had a trip down Loch na Keal and saw great northern diver numbers increasing. They  will soon be off to the Arctic to breed. I had sea eagles on the loch and a golden eagle above Loch Ba being chased by buzzards.

The colours of snow capped mountains, pale blue and calm sea  and sunny golden grassland stole the show today and this evening the horizon out to sea is a lovely pale blue, peeking through charcoal clouds. Mull is an Island full of endless entertainment and discovery where mother nature is concerned.

What put me off a bit late afternoon was someone wanting me to send them a text message and I never use texts’ for anything because I have enough on my plate with telephone enquiries, emails and normal human contact . So do contact me on anything if I can help but not via texts please.