Silly Season

I have just had two young people at the door looking for accommodation


and it will soon be 8pm with no street lighting on most of the islands and that can mean staggering around in the mud and treading in goodness knows what.

The plan from my experience is that by the end of the day people think they will be able to get a cheap deal, but nothing is cheap on Mull. It has limited accommodation in its remoter parts.

If you are coming to Mull or any other remote place in the World you must pre plan and ideally pre book and don’t be mean.

Its cold wet and windy today and not a time to be fingers crossed and knocking on doors.

I have encountered the above on many occasions here on Mull and I have found that people plough on regardless, following Queen Victoria’s big idea of touring Scotland .


Don’t do it. It doesn’t work and few enjoy it.







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