Still tropical

Well it is much the same here, with too much heat and too much business… I need a rest like everyone else !!

Sea eagles and golden eagles again, great northern divers still it seems wanting to stay on Mull rather than go home now, nice shot of Slavonian grebe from one of my guests. Big sighting today enjoying the porpoise returning not far off our Ferry from Oban To Craignure.

They are something of a marker for me. For if they are back then more will be seen around the island now.

Lots snd lots of p[people from overseas still visiting the Hebridean Islands along with the porpoise and we had lots of smiling faces enjoying the beauty of Mull and the seas that surround it and I know they will come again.

Remember though, I want keen people, not those just looking for something to do !!  Please  XXX