Magical Mull

It is Sunday and been another stupendous day here with clear blue sky and very calm.

It is now nearing 5.9pm and any colour you can mention is now displayed in different layers of sky from here to Iona and beyond.


Mull is magical at all times of year, as regular visitors  know !



Alien view

Today from my office The sea from here to Iona looks like some alien place, with a golden desert instead of a blue sea, but I am losing  it by the minute now as the sun is trying to rise and no doubt create another copy of a Turner painting.

Can any other destination beat the Hebridean Islands and its natural visual effects?

Disbelief !!!

I have just got up, only to be staggered to see a probable Scottish Wildcat walking slowly over our decking.

It had a big face, body bigger than a domestic cat and a black tip to a heavy tail.

The coincidence is that they were also found in the Scottish Highlands

a few days ago, but that is miles from here and we are on an Island after all  !!

It will take me some time to clear my head on this one, as it is  of course the last big wild creature to be still free and waiting to be found in Scotland.

Very succesful day

The day played out very well for me yesterday with visitors as keen as I am !

So 3 sea eagles waiting for the otters to arrive on an islet, with food bigger than a butterfish, which just isn’t satisfying enough for a sea eagle !

Then we had regular activity between themselves while still waiting !

A number of great northern divers now and a close otter at Gribun

In Glenmore I had a great sighting of a very bright male hen harrier, stone chats increasing at last, after a strange season for them.


Lots of redwings and smaller birds also as we circled the mountains


Right now at 8am on the 22nd October we have a gorgeous pale lemon sunrise  and it was a top of the table full moon over the house last night.


Another lovely Hebridean day

Well its been another one of those beautiful days here on Mull and tonight might be another lovely  sunset.

I have covered a lot of things today in a very short time and therefore pleased with myself !!


Its a lemon  and gold sky now and still very calm from here all the way to Iona a few miles across the Hebridean Sea.

Super day

It’s about 10.30 in the morning here and I was up and engrossed in our star filled sky in the  middle of the night.

Some of the stars were very close and equally bright. The sky was hard to leave and this morning the whole island would be hard to leave, with  blue sky, a very calm sea and the landscape of the island in every colour of the rainbow and more.

I think this will now continue all day and evening, perhaps with a bit more of the moon ? But who knows, this is nature personified and Mothernature is usually the boss around here !!


Wild day

Well it was wild here overnight  and still wild now at 11.0clock. But the sun  is above us and the wind is decreasing I think !!

It’s what makes the Hebridean Islands so special of course with its very diverse scenery and challenging climate.

What can beat a walk with your partner on one of our powder white beaches, no matter the weather ? In fact the wilder it is the more romantic the experience !!  So come on and dip at least your toes in the cleanest water you could find anywhere in Europe, along with the purest healthy air after that  city pollution

Sunsets to die for

Well it’s 5.17 pm and there is a wonderful lemon sky stretching the length of the south of Mull and Iona just I like another one of those Turner Paintings which we see so

much of.


Going right is a deeper and dazzling yellow sky which will probably new set over Northern Mull and the Isle of Coll.

It is also dry, and very calm with no wind as yet this evening, but what will be will be !!



Wet, cold but a good group and sightings

I was very pleased yesterday as each customer was really up for the day… and never mind the weather !!

The best sightings were probably of a female otter with two cubs by Gribbun cliffs. While watching this we had a good lunch but we had home made tarts at the house.

As we cruised down Loch Scridain going toward Craignure and the ferry, we had a good view of a White Tailed Sea Eagle going the other way and we also had great northern divers on Loch na Keale among lots of small waves and white horses.

I hope my customers  enjoyed my diversion of singing along with my John Denver  CD’s   !!!!!!!