Enjoy the Worlds natural wonders ??

If the above is you, come to the Hebrides and see the wonders that these magical Islands have in store for you

Its 8.30 in the morning and we have a lemon and orange sunrise with grey chalky clouds just above and a flat calm Hebridean  Sea

The sun is rising steadily now and approaching the moon in what looks like two great claws.  The sun will soon win through and looks like it will also gobble the satellite up that has been  following the moon

Awesom sunset comimg up soon.

There is a huge line of golden topped mountains rippling along the skyline all the way from Craignure to Benmore and Loch na Keal and a great ball of fire created over The south of Mull and Iona. It is all a quite monumental scene here at almost 4pm.


Come and enjoy the real thing yourself, it makes Aurora borealis look ordinary

Behold The Hebrides

It is the most vivid and wonderful day here on The Island of Mull and I keep falling off the swivel chair in my office just to lean back and take in the scene of a flat  pale blue sea. The greenery from the house is brown and gold and Iona in the distance with its white sand beaches is showing its own beauty even from here miles across the sea.

Come to Mull I  say   but ideally in April, May or June when there is much wildlife activity. But even now its worth getting in the car and exploring the coast , Seacliff’s and mountains.

exotic wonderful colours here

It has become  a dazzling day of colour and visual effects here on The Island of Mull and a White Tailed Sea Eagle was 50m from my office just now and then rose over the house and off toward Ulva Ferry itself.

Wild and wonderful wildlife encounters are the norm here but you still have to look to see rare and beautiful things wherever you are on Planet Rarth.





wild isles

Today was as wild as it ca get up here in the Hebridean Islands.


The sea was  foaming and the wind has been howling. But its all part of nature here and what Mother Nature has ordered for the day !!

Right now I plan to cook some fish in parsley sauce, boil in the bag style, as it was as a youngster in Sheffield Many moons ago.


Great b news is that Sheffield United are in top form again and won yesterday.   Yippee.

Come on you blades


Well the full moon arrived yet again yesterday evening directly above my office as before.

Today we had wonderful weather and the actual sunset is heading for Coll and Tiree but here it looks like a million oranges with banana’s in reserve.

The colour’s of land, sea sky and islands are awesome and I can see myself finding it difficult to walk away from todays show from Mother Nature !!!!






Well   here I am now at 11pm in the evening on Tuesday  2018 and the full moon has again arrived and settled for the night directly above the house.

Does it mean anything I wonder, as coincidence doesn’t sound right over this.

In fact it is more and more likely that this rendezvous is planned rather than being accidental surely ?


It’s only 7.30 in the morning but I had to get out of bed to see a beautiful lemon sky dancing along the top of Ben more and its adjoining mountains on Loch na keal.

The visual effects in these islands that mother nature  daily creates are truly awesome at times.

What does the rest of today have in store for us I wonder ?


Awesome sunrise here from 7pm

I got up at 7pm to a simply wonderful creamy yellow sunrise over Benmore and each of its abutting mountain range.

From my office I now see that the mountains and sea cliffs are topped with red there, and that is heading toward The South of Mull and Iona for mother nature  to show off there I guess.

Why not though ? If you have it flaunt it I say !!

Here on these marvellous Islands we don’t flaunt ourselves enough at all.


WW WOW and another WOW !!!

Right now from my office are the most amazing natural colours from here to the heavens and beyond,  in all of the time I have been here in these magical Islands.


It is absolutely stunning


In fact I am going to cut this posting short because trying to describe the colours and visual effects is literally impossible, without starting with a hundred  WOW’S  !!!